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Success Stories

Gail was extremely helpful in helping me find my current job. She was on top of everything and far exceeded my expectations. I've now been at my current job over 4 years and I am very happy.
Amanda — Operations Assistant, Financial Services

After being out of the workforce for 2 years as a stay-at-home mom, Gail helped me get back into the game. I worked with her to land my current marketing position. She was easy to work with, responsive, and thorough all while moving the process along quickly. She was a great advocate for me.
Jeanine — Brand Marketing, Consumer Goods 

Gail is the recruiter that I worked with to get my current position. Gail was very responsive, well-informed, detail-oriented and showed genuine interest in creating a good fit. I would highly recommend working with Gail.
Amy — Product Marketing, Personal Care 

Job searches can be a daunting process, but Gail made me feel comfortable, confident, and relaxed throughout the entire process. I'm impressed with how efficient she was and would follow up even after my offer. Her personal business insight is refreshing and inspiring. Her passion for what she does is evident in every call, meeting, and email.
Anthony — VP, Operations & E-commerce

I don't think of Gail as a 'headhunter' as many in the recruiting field are called, but rather a 'matchmaker'. Gail took the time to make sure that no only was I a good fit for the employer, but to ensure that the employer was right for me. She was a trusted guide and advocate as I endured a rather rigorous interview process and always took the time to keep me in the loop. In short, Gail brings a level of professionalism to the recruiting world that few can match.
Andrew — Senior Staff Writer

Gail is a detail-oriented recruiter, who fully prepared and coached me to land a job that has been rewarding. Following Gail's advice and suggestions gave me confidence during my interview that ultimately led to being hired. She is well informed about all positions and has a knack for recruiting the right talent for the job.
John — Art & Marketing Communications Manager

Gail was a pleasure to work with. She provided excellent insight and advice which was very helping in landing the position that was right for me.
Robyn — VP of Marketing

Gail brings a keen sense of professionalism and knowledge, adeptly matching client's talent needs with candidates' strengths and experience. When I think of someone who truly understands and succeeds in the recruiting world, Gail is forefront in my mind.
Barbara — Former Industry Associate

Gail had contacted me several years ago about a possible opening she had been working to fill but it wasn't a good match for me at the time. About three to four months ago, she contacted me again with a great opportunity at a great company. She got my resume and provided me with a few additional tips to make my resume stand out a little more. Well, about two days later I got a call to come in for an interview. Within the week, I had the offer letter, went through the contingencies and finalized my acceptance of the counter-offer for the position. She was an amazing resource and ally for the process, she made it easy!
Victor —  Director of Regulatory Affairs